Thursday, December 28, 2017

"Brooklyn Best", on PBS

Tonight on PBS 13 here, there was "Brooklyn Best", which was a half hour program highlighting what's there, what to be from Brooklyn means, and a history of the fabled borough of New York City.  It is a well edited panorama of a world famous place.  A daughter lives there and the guess here is that when she travels and says that she is from Brooklyn, it has more resonance than saying Manhattan and certainly Long Island.

In this short well done documentary, which could have been a promo, there are Bed-Stuy, Carroll Gardens, Greenwood Cemetery, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Red Hook, Prospect Park, Coney Island, and many other places shown. The effort is to show the character of a Brooklyn neighborhood, of which there were once thousands just blocks apart from each other.  To some extent that character of the borough remains, although the thousands may now be hundreds.  That personal character was reflected by some good friends in my banking life here, where being from Brooklyn gave them a wider berth for offbeat behavior.  Brooklynisma.

We have been to many parts of Brooklyn over the years as visitors, guests, and at times tourists in our own backyard.  From a multi-ethnic city of sorts until the 1980's, it has now become a global place.  It attracts people who fit in.  It is different from another global place like Austin which is a youth hive of activity(younger daughter lives there and it works well for her).  Brooklyn is multi-layered and less overtly hip.

The short program seen tonight is worth watching if you get the chance.  It was produced by WLIW, the non-profit Long Island PBS affiliate that would welcome 2017 donations.  My editorial comment is just that.  Watch if the chance shows up on local networks.


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