Thursday, January 04, 2018

"Bombagenesis" leads to a "Bomb Cyclone"

The day after reading Louis Menand's Talk of the Town comment about "Words of the Year", that's the year 2017, this day has already offered a fine example for 2018. I thought cyclones were mainly in Asia, but the word bombagenesis has a precise meaning that applies to what is going on here now.  It is unequivocally winter here on Long Island.  The snow on the North Shore will not be any record breaker, best guess at the moment in this area is six inches so far, but the winds this afternoon are sending dry snow from the air and rooftops swirling in every direction.  They may pick up tonight with huge gusts, but Sandy removed our tallest and most dangerous tree in 2012 so there is no immediate danger of consequential house splitting.

We are holding in place.  That is not unusual but having no choice is not preferable.  Advance shopping and food delivery was done Tuesday and Wednesday, and it's clear now that overbuying and wasting food will not be the outcome of that in this situation.  Once the snow has stopped tonight at around midnight, temperatures will not rise above 20 for two days, with single digit temps at night.

No mail today and no newspapers or Amazon delivery.  The newspapers are likely out there but, as they come at around six in the morning, they are buried.  Our driveway plow guy has not shown up as he usually waits for the snow to stop, but that could be a mistake if everything freezes solid.  My bet is that he will show up at around 7pm and blindly rip out a few of the stones around the edges of the driveway.  He's the son of the conscientious lawn guy and has always been a cost of the service.  His father drives an old beat up specialty van.  The son has a new huge chrome plated truck each year.  This is not a positive generational transfer.

So here we are.  Everything we need is here with the exception of a new book in hand that is compelling.  There are choices among some that are half read and a genre book that might not fit my mood.  That's another subject.  The stock market plowed ahead with little regard for the weather or big mouth.  I open the door every hour or so to look outside and feel the storm firsthand.  Then I feel fortunate. 

Postscript:  the snowplow team arrived at 1am.  That did not help this light sleeper but everything was surprisingly well done in the morning.  Yesterday's hoped for Amazon delivery was on the porch by 8am.  No trees in the immediate area are damaged, as the winds last night were not as strong as forecast.  Now it is simply very cold.


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