Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Sports update... or is it fatigue

A few comments on sports:

--- Last night's college football championship game was surprisingly engaging.  These players are not pros, some are still just kids  That can lead to more unexpected plays, errors, circus catches and playground runs than an NFL game.  The games can run on momentum.  Last night's second half with the new freshman Alabama quarterback was entertaining to watch, a phenom created in front of us.  Then again Alabama's beleaguered kicker was stress manifested.  The main unfortunate distractions were Trump showing up and the over the top commercialization of the event.  Does the coin that is being tossed need to have the Mercedes brand on one side?

--- The NYT writes about Patrick Ewing as the new coach of Georgetown's basketball team.  This is followed here based on history with the school.  There is hope that he will do well, but it is uncertain that he can replicate the tough, almost hostile, demeanor of his coach and still mentor John Thompson Jr.   Actually that is not Ewing.  They play their long time rival Johnnies tonight and need a win.

--- The chronic dirty NFL player Richie Incognito is still around?  Realized today that he was part of the underdog Bill's team that I wanted to win.  Now glad they lost.


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