Friday, December 29, 2017

Elliott Abrams, the next Secretary of State?

Last night on PBS News there was a lengthy interview with Elliott Abrams, the life long credential builder in Republican circles, former State Department undersecretary under Reagan and NSA senior staffer under Bush II.  He was tainted by the Iran-Contra scandal but never indicted. 

He was Rex Tillerson's choice for undersecretary of state but Rex was overruled by the Don.  It appeared that Abrams was too entrenched with establishment Republicans for Steve Bannon, who was the decision maker on "ancillary" issues at the time.  Now that Tillerson would obviously love to leave the job and Trump and his handlers would like him out, there is a need for a solution that would be palatable to Congress and hard to attack by the media.

In last night's interview, Abrams was bending over for Trump.  He defended or rationalized every Trump foreign policy position or action.  It was another pathetic example of opportunism in the mold of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.  To see an educated man be reduced to this is hard to watch.  May his wishes come true so we can see the ongoing humiliation of a career sycophant. 

The fact is that Abrams could be better than most that are possible at the moment.  At least he has experience.  We will see.


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