Sunday, March 04, 2018

Trump vs. Schumer, battle of the litens

The decision(aka intuitive personal reaction based on no information) by Trump to block further funding of the Hudson Tunnel infrastructure spending is unequivocally stupid.  This is the second time stupidity has reined here where parochial politics outweighs national interest---first time by everything wannabe Chris Christie blocking New Jersey's portion of funding two years ago.  Now traditional New York pol Chuck Schumer responds by trying to be the persona of Trump rejection.  His approach to negotiation in the first instance now is the press, the better to build his righteous stature.

While other countries have advanced rail systems and dedicated mostly commercial road networks, the stuck with 1950's innovation.  This can stay political but there is no glory on either side.  Long term programs so f'ing obviously need long term consistent commitment.  A vain idiot in the White House doesn't mean seeing this as a political opportunity.


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