Sunday, April 15, 2018

A trove of stamps...

In a binge of cleaning and sorting through old stuff, at the bottom of a drawer yesterday what amounts to a disorderly stamp collection was found.  They were always one of her many interests, but in recent years it had not been thought about.  Sheets of 29 cent Elvis stamps, 32 cent Nixon stamps, 22 cent Duke Ellington stamps, 32 cent James Dean stamps, Friendship with Morocco ones, 22 cent Enrico Caruso's, Knoxville World Fair(?) ones, clean sheet of Marilyn Monroe's, 29 cent Gene Kelly's, Francis Ouimet,  A. Philip Randolph, John Dewey, and Chinese New Year stamps from multiple years.  Those are the large aggregations.  There are numerous other small set of utilitarian stamps, 1 cent, 2 cent, 3 cent, four cent, and five cent, plus one two cent post card that must be from the 1950's.  Odds and ends are still being sorted, including stamps from Taiwan, China, and Columbia where there were family interests. 

There is much more to be done around this place.


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