Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Significant snow day not anticipated...

In talking with a friend from Virginia yesterday who inquired about the impending weather, my response was "it's not cold enough, only a slush storm that will not have much impact as recent mid- days have been in the high 30's."  Perhaps that was wrong. 

The snow is falling here at mid-day and the temperature is at 31 degrees.  The high is now forecast to be 33, and 12-18 inches of snow is the supposed expectation.  That I doubt, but my track record is deteriorating.  Today was planned to be a grocery shopping day to buy things that I wanted.  There is enough food here, but a surprising wrinkle developed.  Yesterday's dinner food was ordered from a pan-Asian restaurant that has always had reliably tasty food if one is in the mood for it.  It had been maybe a month since the last order.  Grilled steak and in the shell shrimp with mixed vegetables, brown rice,  pad thai, and hot and sour soup were excellent.  The portions were such that tonight's dinner and more were in the bag.  Then...

Last night I was climbing the walls on an hourly basis.  Sleep is never guaranteed these days but this was different.  Then the thought arose.  Could the sauce on the steak, shrimp, and vegetable dish have been cream of MSG.  That proclivity of the restaurant had been forgotten.  There is definitely enough food here, but choice is limited now.  The possibility of delivery from another place in this weather is unclear.

It does look like a perfect day to focus on tax returns, if there is ever a perfect day for that.  My father relished doing this type of project but the accounting enjoyment gene did not pass.  Still, after an hour or two of tedium all documents can be found(or deemed necessary to find), estimated tax payments totaled, charitable contributions added up, and the sum of village, county, and property tax payments done.  Will this get done, all bundled up and ready to hand over tax accountant?  Maybe... that's the intention.

Hmm... just looked out the front door.  The snow plow has come by already and piled up snow in front of the driveway entrances.  Does the Umberto's delivery guy have an SUV?


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