Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Photographs on Facebook continue...

A February 17th post discussed the posting of photographs taking place at that time.  It continues.  With the extensive number of photos taken over the years when traveling or at events, it seems as if this is a way to digitize that past.  Who will ever look at the albums lining three shelves of a bookcase in the guest room and one in the den.  There may well be a better vehicle to do this than Facebook, but this is what is known here.  Photos could be sent individually by e-mail to those who might have interest and that has been done sporadically, but that would be a cumbersome and mostly ineffective approach.  For now FB seems to be it.

The fact that is has a limited reach to my desired audience is unfortunate.  Many close friends never latched on to FB.  At its beginning, it was driven by younger people.  Older age groups followed, but not in mass.  Some of my close friends tried it but were annoyed.  Who wants to make decisions about friend requests?   Why do I want to read trivia and everyone's opinion?  Who has access to this and how can it be used?  Each of those thoughts arose here, but joining in modestly was the approach taken.  Many long time friends had no time for it.  With the effort, or diversion, going on here, encouraging them to piggy back on to someone else's site and find the photos being posted is the best that can be done.

So as mentioned on 2/17, iphone now in hand and albums out, posts continue...


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