Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Saturday...

The morning newspapers did their job along with a few cups of Cafe du Monde coffee, the usual.  One notable article was the Barron's cover story, "The Costs of Caregiving".  This is nothing groundbreaking but it is a good summary of the possible emotional, physical, and financial stress of caregiving that may not yet have been internalized by many boomers.  Can only experience do that?  Are financial markets factoring in the ultimate impact of this on the broad consumer market?

 The NCAA tournament this afternoon offered no diversion as Villanova and Duke crushed weak opponents.  There was no spectacle like UMBC's win last night.  As they overwhelmed Virginia, the announcers rarely if ever mentioned the full name of the school.  UMBC?  That rail thin 5'7" guard ran the game against the big UVA team.

As has been usual in the last month or two, photo albums and books are being scoured and that leads to posts on Facebook.  This had rarely been my practice in the past, but it is now is a segue into what is already being done, and reinforces an activity that is almost like a treasure hunt.  It seems necessary.

Weekends are a time to assess financial markets and have led to commentary here.  At this point there is not a strong opinion about what lies ahead.  Is the recent volatility just a trader's short term dream, notice that I did not use a possible modifier, that belies a continued strong equity market.  That combined with almost Depression era level interest rates and the year and a half absence of vol suggests that there will be change.  The view here is that the equity market now will be driven by interest rates and foreign exchange, aka the dollar.  That is saying that overall corporate earnings will not be the issue but market valuation levels will be.  The thought remains here is that the market is more fragile that it appears.

Food coming from Misaki soon, a family owned Japanese restaurant  just down the hill that has been in town for 30 years now.  Salmon Teriyaki, brown rice, and New York roll(tuna and avocado) are on the way.  It is hoped that the basketball entertainment will be elevated for dinner.

And that's the story, Good Day.


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