Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bits and pieces...

The following suggests too much television but here goes.

---The members of Congress interrogating Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook suggest that there is broad public outrage, by users and followers, over Facebook's actions.  The media pundits are suggesting the same.  What is the evidence of this?  It is unclear that this is true, and completely clear that the most of the members of Congress reading their staff written scripts have little idea of what they are talking about.  The use of Facebook is not in jeopardy.  The real risk is ill-conceived legislation.

---There is an exceptional new television series on of all places BBC America.  That's "Killing Eve", with Sandra Oh as an M15 intellegence agent who is tracking a lithe blond haired assassin for hire as she travels across countries for her hits.  Presumably the first episode will be replayed during the week.

---There are many advertisements on television for various prescription medications.  "Ask your doctor about...".  In the first instance this seems odd, but after promising relief for some terrible health problem the ads always close with multiple disclaimers.  Most have the ultimate disclaimer, such as "Don't take if you are allergic to Otesla(or choose your drug)".  How would you friggin' know?

---A  program is interrupted by a litany of wonderful events.  People helping others, dogs rescued, happy folks dancing in the streets as they go about their day, smiling faces and greetings at work, a crosswalk signal just passed, all is well... and then there will be a logo and a short statement about an insurance company, a tech giant, a drug company, or other corporate behemoth.  Is the message that they are secretly a non-profit working solely for the greater good?   It's a wonderful world.

---Not being a native New Yorker, I have the right to be for both New York baseball teams.  The Mets' start is attention worthy, and being a fan comes with the deed to a house on Long Island.  Are they really a good team?  We take what we can get.  Twenty minutes away on the LIRR, going to the stadium was once routine.  Do they really have a good manager again, good coaches?  This is promising...

---The posting of photos to Facebook continues from here.  If not now, when.


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