Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Robocalls and more...

---For the last two days there has been a robocall whose recorded voice is kind enough to warn me that there has been a complaint about misuse of my social security number.  It advises, "so before we call the FBI and your social security benefits are suspended, call..."  That is more than a nuisance, it should be criminal.  Old folks could pick up that recording and feel the necessity to respond.  Since I am not an old person, the call must have targeted me by mistake.  Oh, I forget, not so young here.

---While not old, I am prone to be dazed by the cacophony of events these days.  The President offers to help negotiate disagreements between India and Pakistan?  Russian jets apparently enter South Korean airspace and warning shots are fired.  Chinese jets in coordination with the Russians fly in the "air defense identification zone".  This apparently relates to Japanese Prime Minister Abe seeking parliamentary approval to invest in military capacity.  South Koreans and Japanese are not exactly palsy walsy.  The Trump administration moves to cut back the number of food stamp recipients, removing 3 million people.  Sonny Perdue, our agriculture secretary calls it a loophole in which welfare recipients are allowed to receive food stamps.  That's a loophole?  Many states have found a way around that rule to the benefit of the elderly, disabled, and poor.  Under the federal law, a family of three that has an income of $27,000 should not receive food stamps.  So much for states rights.  Now Iran has seized a British oil tanker, not harming the crew but putting it under their control.  Britain has said it will take all appropriate measures but in four days has not figured out what they are.  The U.S. is sending more ships to the region.  Is that enough to think about for one day?  Our President is mainly focused on four junior women members of Congress, as he sees attacking them as a winning move for 2020.  He has an uncluttered mind.

---The Mets are too frustrating to watch and the Yankees too far ahead to create any tension, so with network television unwatchable I am restarting the Sopranos.  Halfway through Season One, Two and Three on the way.  Uncle Junior is a viable character in Season One and Christopher is already a fuck up.  Dr. Melfi and Tony talk. Some is remembered for sure, but much of the nuance is not.


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