Tuesday, September 10, 2019

And now a word from your...

Recently there have been pronounced declines in payments related stocks such as Paypal, Square, Salesforce, Master Card, Visa, and American Express.  That said, they have all been decent performers year to date, some stronger than others.  Does this foreshadow a decline in economic activity?  Or is it just that the stocks are backing down from momentum driven valuations?  Something to ponder.  Chipotle and Shake Shack are getting crushed today.  McDonalds solidly down too, and Yum Brands(KFC, Taco Bell, etc.)is sliding as well.  Are consumers expected to go back to cooking?  Edgy times despite the gains this year.  The market seems to be looking for an overdue correction.  Are these the signs in stocks owned here?

A radically oversized investment in Macy's here based on the value of their real estate has finally turned around in a major way, at least for now.  Even a bet on PYX, once again, is looking much better, and maybe soon will lead to securities lending interest as it did last year.  Bet on FTCH is positive now, no matter how farfetched, as a comparison is made here to AVP, Avon Products, which is simply a global distribution network reaching into emerging markets and that was leftover from the former "calling" company.  AVP has done well, up 29% since March purchase, stock not lipstick.

Will betting on a GE turnaround be a losing proposition once again here, or will this time be different.  Bet made and doubled down, finally turning for real?  MU up more than 100% since June bet, and GLD down today which is a positive turn for the moment.  Still can't believe that I gave up on ROKU $110 ago. 


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