Monday, August 05, 2019

"Mama told me there'll be days like this"

Today was not a good day for the equity markets.  They were almost uniformly down significantly .  Across five accounts with multiple investments, there were only three in positive territory today.  They were GLD, LYFT, and WORK, aka Slack Technologies.  Two closely watched barometers of the economy are Master Card and VISA.  They are a function of expected flows in economic activity, have no credit risk, and they were both down around 4.7%.  Many mid-cap tech names were crushed and the QQQ as a proxy for tech broadly was down 6%.  Overall there was no shelter.

Tariffs are a tax on the global economy.  They will soon become a tax on middle class Americans.  Competitive currency devaluations stop capital investments in their tracks.  Build walls, plow under the fields, punish multinational American companies, and use trade as a form of hostile diplomacy.  It puts a man in the spotlight who craves nothing more than attention.  His understanding is limited, but his so-called base could care less.  Democrats think that talking policy will reach his base.  Good luck with that.

Interesting is not the word for this. 


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