Wednesday, March 30, 2016


A post yesterday had observations about these two candidates and their political side.  As an added bonus, this comment will focus on personal traits, and this is pure opinion.

While Trump by temperment is totally unfit to be President, as a person he is not completely unfamiliar.  I have had friends with a number of his characteristics, though none with his degree of narcissism.  These few friends have been unpredictable, at time unreliable, and among other traits may have been often subject to having strong and even offensive opinions, or easy to get into trouble with, or in the wrong mood hostile to anyone in sight but, in the right mood, all smart as hell and lots of fun to be around.  Leading somewhat wild lives, two are no longer with us, one has been missing for years, and one other continues life on the fringe.  In looking for friends of Trump, the New Yorker Talk of the Town found Richard LeFrak, also a billionaire scion of a New York real estate family.  He said, "Being friends with Trump is like being friends with a hurricane."

Cruz is not someone that could ever be related to here.  He gives the appearance of perpetual manipulation, as if his entire life is one big debate to win.  An alter-ego of one of the people referenced in the paragraph above could be like this, saccharine personality with managed facial expressions to match, but he had more personalities.  Cruz seems not to be varied.  By all accounts he is a mean person to deal with, and one whose only concern is personal, and that is winning.  There has never been a friend like that here, but it is easy to think of a handful of once required contacts in the hedge fund industry that "impressed" me in that way first hand, and standing one's ground was the only choice.

I guess the point to this is that with all of his flaws, and there are many, Trump seems human and is clearly someone willing to change his mind depending on the situation and the time of day.  Cruz does not seem genuine.  He obviously enjoys the fact that Trump, in retaliation to an action by a Cruz PAC, dissed his wife with that photo, as it gives him a chance to be self righteous, he who just a few days ago suggested widespread profiled policing of all Muslim communities.


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