Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump's cabinet meeting --- a bizarre one for the ages

Today, Donald Trump had a televised roundtable of required comments from each of his cabinet members and others attending the meeting.  He began by praising his own leadership and its historic significance, and then "graciously asked" everyone there to comment.  They did, and one at time praised Trump.  Priebus called it "a blessing" to work for him.  Pence, Sessions, Haley, DeVos,  Chao, and Price were each embarrassingly obsequious.  In fact, the unanimity of the group, many of whom were "thrilled", "honored", or "privileged" to have the leadership of Trump, was astounding.  What a surprise!  Only one member of the cabinet, one, maybe McMaster but not sure, said that he was benefiting from the team he inherited.

Maybe Trump is running the country like a business.  In 2001 when the company that I worked for was acquiring another company at a price that made me cringe, the Chairman decided to go around the table of executives and ask everyone attending what they expected the stock price would be after the deal was announced the next morning.  The stock was at $55 that day, and the Vice Chairman to his left who knew better started by drawling that it could go to $100.  Around the table the comments were exceedingly positive with only a few voicing some mild caution as they looked for only a small gain at first.  When my turn arrived, reflecting my less powerful role, I said that "we may not see the benefit immediately" and no more.  My boss the CFO followed and knew my extreme discomfort with the price.  She tried to echo my concerns with low key and politically cautious commentary. When the stock opened the next day it immediately went to $45 and did not reach $55 again for seven years.

That was then and this is now.  The dynamic is familiar.


Blogger Allen Hengst said...

The late night talk show hosts had a field day with tRump’s first, televised full-cabinet meeting ...

Stephen Colbert (0:07 - 3:28)

Seth Meyers (0:21 - 2:08)

12:23 PM  

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