Friday, April 01, 2016

Flowering trees stun with beauty

It's sunny and in the mid-70's here today, and the flowering trees in this town  have exploded.  The process had begun over the last week and a half but today the impact is overwhelming.  Windows down in the car and driving back from the grocery store, the sights were, as they say "picture perfect", literally.  This town is in an area with many trees that are large, but there are so many smaller ones that are flowering and are not noticed until a day like today, when no one could possibly ignore them and their reds, yellows, and pinks.  Unnoticed bushes abound too with yellow and red flowers.  No doubt that is why this area is called Flower Hill.  What a lucky sight we see.

The drive around was extended with no directional purpose.  It was just an excuse to be outside and see the sights that will last in this form for no more than a week.  It's a good week to be out.


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